Energetic and full of stories: That's how you can describe Teresie Hommersand who is currently on her way to the North Cape – she started her trip more than 2,5 years ago – in Kape Town, South Africa. We chatted with her about lions, elphants, live on the road and how complete strangers react when you ask to put your tent in their garden.

Teresie tells you about her travels just as casually like others chat about their trip to next lake on the  weekend – only in her case the the trip is 17,400 kilometers long and the place she started is South Africa. When she will be done with it, it will probaly have taken more than 3,5 years.

Initially she moved to South Africa for her studies, afterwards she stayed and worked in the field of climate change mitigation for the South African government. Teresie then took the decision not to go back by airplane, but instead by bike.  She decided to take it slow in order to take in all the sights, people and adventures that she can manage along the way.

Be prepared for an interview with the most contagious laughter!

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